Swan ‘fighting for life’ after horror dog attack and the owner just ‘walked away’


A swan is fighting for it’s life after sustaining multiple puncture wounds in a dog attack.

A Derbyshire wildlife sanctuary is currently treating the animal, after collecting the injured bird from Albert Village Lake in Leicestershire on Wednesday.

Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary in Etwall claimed that the owner of the dog had “walked away, leaving the swan to die”.

Dog owners were told to keep their pets on a leash while wildlife is around, and to report any injuries they cause.

Founder of the sanctuary, Lindsay Newell, said the swan was fighting for his life in their care.

Its neck had been bandaged, and he was being given painkillers, antibiotics, and intravenous fluids.

Speaking to the BBC, Ms Newell said: “Please keep dogs on a lead around wildlife. I cannot stress this enough.

“Albert Village Lake is a popular dog walking area but far too many owners let their dogs off the lead and allow them to chase the birds or walk way ahead of them.

“On this occasion, the swan didn’t have time to get away and has multiple puncture wounds at the back of the head and down his neck.”

She added that dog owners should “do the right thing” if their dog attacks a wild animal and “report it to a rescue organisation as soon as possible”.

But it’s not just wildlife that’s at risk.

Just four days ago, a woman was attacked by a vicious dog who chewed her “like a piece of meat”.

She was left with skin grafts, stitches and needing intense rehab to enable her to walk again.

The woman, who does not want to be identified, was attacked by a Bully Kutta, while walking her two small dogs in January.

She is still recovering from the attack eight months later, after spending three weeks in hospital.

The dog bite, on her right thigh, was so deep it cut through several nerves and lots of muscle tissue.

The woman, from Blackburn, Lancashire, still has no feeling below her knee, and experiences pins and needles on a daily basis.

The attack left the women “scarred”, and it took her several months to build up the courage to walk her dogs.

She is now campaigning for the law to be changed, as she has not heard from the police since the initial attack regarding whether a prosecution is being brought against the owner.

She said: “Why are the police not doing more? Why are people still allowed to own dogs like this?

The dog was seized by authorities three days later and is believed to still be in police kennels.